Dr.Stacy Ann Nwodo (Mrs)


Our Story

The International College of Disaster Management and Forensic Studies (ICDMFS) is an international College founded in the quest for the demand of professional capacity development with the practical technological innovation to serve as a platform for human resource development, training, research, documentation, and policy advocacy in the field of disaster management and forensics.

The general view in Sub-Saharan Africa is that many of the nations lack credible expertise in Disaster Management and the use of the right forensic analysis in solving crimes.

ICDMFS is therefore a uniquely international college with the needed experts to provide pragmatic solutions to the perceived inadequacy of disaster-resilient leadership management as well as Forensic Studies in the African Continent and beyond.



ICDMFS is a registered international public research and capacity building college, with headquarters in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, and representations in the USA, Ghana, Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc.

It is manned by internationally certified experts in the field of Disaster Management and Forensic Studies.

Its main partnership is with JJTC CONSULTING Limited and collaboration with exceptional nationals and institutions of other nations such as the Charisma University, International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (IICFIP), International Academy of Forensics (IAF).

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