A Multi-Disciplinary Core Team of Professionals

Building capacity at all levels for disaster prevention and preparedness and providing high level practical forensic investigation skill training.


To strengthen capacity building and training of experts in disaster risk management and resilience as part of the national and inter-continental training program.


Building capacity at all levels for disaster prevention and preparedness and providing high-level practical forensic investigation skill training.


"Quaerere veritatis in integritate est" (The search for the truth lies in integrity.)

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The International College of Disaster Management and Forensic Studies (ICDMFS) is an international College founded in the quest for the demand of professional capacity development with the practical technological innovation to serve as a platform for human resource development, training, research, documentation, and policy advocacy in the field of disaster management and forensics.

The general view in Sub-Saharan Africa is that many of the nations lack credible expertise in Disaster Management and the use of the right forensic analysis in solving crimes.






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ICDMFS is proud to have a multi-disciplinary core team of professionals working in various aspects of disaster management and forensic investigations. In its endeavor to facilitate training and capacity development, the Institute has state-of-the-art facilities like class rooms, seminar hall and video-conferencing facilities etc. The Institute has a well-stocked library exclusively on the theme of disaster management and mitigation. The Institute provides training in face-to-face, on-line and self-learning mode.

Training and Capacity Building

Provides training and capacity building as well as certifications with leading national and international institutes in Disaster Management and Forensic Studies.

Virtual and Practical Training

Provision if virtual and face-to-face theoretical and practical training as well as Continuous Professional Development in Disaster and Forensic Studies.

Strategic Workshop for Institutions

Through its consulting firm (JJTC) provides Strategic workshops for institutions, cooperations, Public and private organizations in the field of management.

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Prior to the establishment of ICDMFS as a registered Disaster Management and Forensic College offering theoretical and practical training in Disaster Management and resilience as well as Forensic Studies, ICDFMS consisted of international lead consultants in different fields of Forensic Investigation as well as Disaster Management beginning in 2019 with JJTC CONSULTING Limited.


During that time ICDMFS offered practical Certification programs in basic and advanced courses and conducted executive training in Crime Scene, Question Document and Graphology, Serology and DNA analysis, Dactyloscopy/Fingerprint analysis, and short courses in Disaster Resilient Leadership Training.


These programs were run in collaboration with the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals (IICFIP), International Academy of Forensics (IAF), Nile University department of Criminology, experts from EFCC, the Nigerian Police Academy, Ghana Prisons Service, and the Ghana Police Service between 2018 and 2021.


Some lead experts have played a role in the development of experts skills in the training of faculties in Charisma University, Nasarawa University, Nile University in Nigeria, and Knutsford University, University of Ghana, ISDES, all in Ghana, etc for forensics, criminology, and Disaster Management.

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    ICDMFS is a registered international public research and capacity building college, with headquarters in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, and representations in the USA, Ghana, Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc. It is manned by internationally certified experts in the field of Disaster Management and Forensic Studies. Its main partnership is with JJTC CONSULTING Limited and collaboration with exceptional nationals and institutions of other nations such as the Charisma University, International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (IICFIP), International Academy of Forensics (IAF)

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