Forensic Firms Conduct Training for Govt Agencies, Others

Forensic Firms Conduct Training for Govt Agencies, Others




Solutions to crime are undoubtedly fascinating to the general public with the use of the different forensic tools.

From the earliest times, the basic tools in the Investigation of forensic cases have been observation and interpretation of physical evidence.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, it became applied by advancing the manner in which cases were investigated and thereby improving the validity of conclusions drawn from the investigation by responsible authorities. It is best explained as “science and technology in service to the courts”.



Forensics is the application of scientific and technological knowledge and methods to investigations and legal problems. Forensics means ‘fit for court use’.Forensics is an evidence-based profession and an applied Science. The practice deals with the study of physical evidence in a modern legal context.

Forensics is a multi-disciplinary and convergence field of practice where the practitioners seek relevance.

Forensics encompasses different sub-specialties that cuts across Bussiness (Forensic Accounting and Auditing), Social Science (Forensic Psychology), Medicine (Forensic Psychiatry, Forensic Odontology, Forensic Pathology, and Clinical Forensics), Forensic Engineering, Agricultural and Natural Resource Management (Wildlife Forensics), Applied Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, physics), Computer Science and Engineering (Digital Forensics), Art and Craft ( Forensic Photography,  Forensic Questioned Document Analysis), Security and Intelligent Officers (Ballistics and Firearms Forensics, fire crimes (Arson and the likes), Police, Immigration, Prisons, Fire Service, Disaster Management organizations, Military, Preventive Border Officers (Customs), Revenue collectors, Private Security Officers, intelligent management experts, etc.

However, it is an emerging field in Nigeria and Africa.


JJTC Consulting Ltd is a consortium of professionals offering a wide range of services that include forensic consulting in the aspect of criminal investigation and security intelligence gathering, while the International Academy of Forensics (IAF) is an accredited learning center of the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals Inc. (USA).


JJTC Consult/IAF in collaboration with IICFIP organized a four days intensive Forensic Biometric practical training to give the various groups of professionals the knowledge in the role of Biometric Forensics in criminal investigations and create awareness by a structured hands-on practical training in Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Serology, Fingerprint Science and Questioned Document Examination.

There were over fifty (50) participants comprising of National Assembly Officers, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Academia, Security Services, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Students (Nile University), and other Public and Private sector organizations.

The training comprised both theoretical and practical sessions to help participants apply whatever they learned from the preliminary lecture.

The participants went through a pre-test and a post-test assessment structure to evaluate their level of understanding in both the lecture and practicals.

Participants were also grouped into investigative teams to undergo structured simulated crime scene set-ups to collect various evidence for the diverse forensic Investigation test at the crime laboratory.

The evidence collected was biological (blood, urine, sweat, saliva, hair, etc), documents and fingerprints.

Subsequent days saw the lectures on the various evidence collected at the various simulated crime scenes. This was followed by the techniques used in the Forensic Question Document, the basis of Fingerprint Science and it’s the application, and the collection, package, and subsequent examination on biological evidence such as DNA.

The training ended on Sunday, 20th June 2021 with a closing ceremony. Awards were given to the best team in Crime Scene Investigation, Questioned Documents, Serology/DNA, and Fingerprints. The program was facilitated by seasoned experts in the field of Forensic Science and Strategic /Risk Financial experts.


JJTC CONSULT /IAF is geared to provide certification in various fields of Forensic Studies by liaising with both locally and Internationally accredited Forensic Institutions to offer the needed solution in Forensic Investigation in the administration of Justice. The consult has also put in place an advance practical training in Forensic Biometrics and Cybersecurity in the next two months.


Written by:

Dr. Stacy  Nwodo (Mrs.)

Country Director, Nigeria-IICFIP




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